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Coffee Beer Coaching and Dogs

Jun 9, 2019

This is a great episode with some of the athletes who raced Ironman Texas.  Balazs is a long time pro triathlete who I have coached in the swim for the last 5 years.  He's usually one of the fastest swimmers at an Ironman event.  The rougher the water the better.  Kim Pilcher is an age group athlete who I have also coached in the swim for 5 years.  She came to me after she had missed some swim cuts in Ironman and we have gotten now where she can consistently make cuts and she knows what prevents her from making cuts.  Debbie Staton has been on the team for 2 years now and she had a fantastic Ironman Texas swim this year and all of her hard work is paying off.  With all the athletes we talk about how they got into triathlon, what motivates them to continue and what they have learned along the way.