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Coffee Beer Coaching and Dogs

Mar 1, 2017

Episode 7 of Coffee, Beer, Coaching and Dogs.  We are lucky to have Jason Goldsmith of Focusabnd with us.  He is a golf coach and has helped to develop the training of golfers with the Focusband and mindful meditiation.  I met Jason last year through Kevin Kirk when I was invited to a discussion by Tom House.  He told me about Focusband and what it did for training and I immediately recognized its potential for training endurance athletes.  


If we as coaches are looking for the most efficient ways to train athletes in a particular skill set then we have to focus on how the brain is learning that new skill.  Also, most of coaching is helping an athlete get out of their own way and the focus band can be key in accelerating that process.  


I hope you enjoy the discussion today and as always if there are any questions, please let me know.