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Coffee Beer Coaching and Dogs

Dec 2, 2016

In episode 4 we talk with Dave Johnson longtime coach and aquatics director of Alamo Area Aquatics Association. We discuss his 40 year career as a coach, some of the athletes he has coached and how his coaching philosophy has changed over that period.  

Nov 1, 2016

A short interview with the founder of Lone Pint Brewery, Trevor Brown.  We talk about how he got started brewing, discussion of some new beers he's working on and plans for expansion at Lone Pint. You can always find additional information about this interview on

Nov 1, 2016

This episode is an interview with Dave Ketterer of Circle K9 of Magnolia, Texas.  Dave is a fantastic dog trainer that specializes in shutzhund training and general obedience.  I started to take my dog Max to him a few years ago and was struck by how much the methods he used to train dogs was similar to best coaching...

Oct 1, 2016

Episode 2 is an interview with Kevin Kirk a golf coach in the Woodlands Texas.  We talk about his experiences coaching professional golfers and some of the innovative approaches to training that he has developed.  You can also find a more in depth article of what we discussed at

Sep 1, 2016

Episode 1 - A short introduction about the Coffee, Beer, Coaching and Dogs podcast and the ideas that have challenged me to become a better coach.  Then we jump right into to an interview with Nick Folker, the founder of Bridge Athletics.  The interview covers the innovative strength and conditioning program developed...